Book Review- The Game Changer ( L.M. Trio)

This is yet again a book I wouldn’t pick up at first glance. It was free on my kindle fire but the book pulled me in.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the narration. This book is told in two points of view the point of view of Jesse and the point of view of Luke. It may seem chaotic that we have two narrators but the narration just flows together so smoothly. This author makes it work.

The book starts off with the main character Jesse moving to a new town to get a fresh start with her father, David. It is then she meets Luke. Luke is the typical boy next door athlete. Jesse doesn’t like him at first but throughout the story they are drawn closer and closer.

This book has a few letdown events and twists of the plot. But overall is a great story that makes you want more. I will warn you that I originally did not realize there was a sequel. Thankfully I was able to snag it on my kindle once again though for a small price.

This story is great for anyone who wants to relate to the characters, likes a bit of cute teenage romance, is not uncomfortable with descriptions of death, grief, drinking, and $ex, and who is ok with being left with a cliffhanger.

I would recommend this book to someone who needs something to read. But I will warn you that it deals with some tough subjects and may be triggering to some people. Read with caution.


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